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We find that many home-buyers are interested in moving to Marin from the city.  Some are attracted to the natural setting and beauty of living among trees.  Others are awed by views of San Francisco.  Some are addicted to the outdoors and love the hiking and running trails, surfing, rowing and other activities that are so easy and accessible in southern and western Marin.  Some are parents of young children who want their kids to grow up in a less urban environment in the city, where the lifestyle is easier (and so is finding a parking spot).  Many, especially those who have been looking in San Francisco appreciate that the schools are terrific and that homes prices are often more reasonable in the city.

In the last year we have helped several San Francisco residents purchase homes in Marin.  One couple, had looked in the city for many years, first at condos and then at single family homes.  As their son was growing and one got a job in Marin, they started exploring.  They found a fantastic house in Mill Valley—for less than the houses they looked at in the city.  They were pleased that this home has such a peaceful, tranquil feel, love that there are so many kids nearby and they have easy access (minutes) to the freeway. 

Other buyers, couples without kids, end up in Marin because they like the access to outdoor activities.  Want to go running?  Put on your shoes, grab the dog’s leash, head out the door and voila! They love the access to running trails that are just down the street.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the city, too!  If you are considering the move to Marin and want to learn more about the fabulous things that Marin has to offer, please contact us and we can help you get better acquainted with life in Marin.