peaches in measuring device that looks like handcuffs


On a Saturday in August, I will be heading to the Masumoto Farm in Del Ray, south of Fresno to pick peaches.  This has become an annual event.  We head down on Friday, stop at our favorite taco stand along the way, relax poolside in the incredible heat and have a great dinner in the town of Reedley at Uncle Harry's.  What could be better?  Picking peaches at the farm, of course.  When we arrive at the farm on Saturday morning, we attend an orientation to learn more about the peaches and how to pick and pack them.  Picking is a hot, dusty, fun affair. After brunch under the trees, we head back to our tree to finish our work. 

We head home with tons of peaches to eat, cook and can.  I can smell them already!

This year's peaches are expected to be smaller than previous years, but I anticipate they will be amazing. 


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