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San Francisco is comprised of many eclectic and fascinating neighborhoods, each with their own flair and sense of enjoyment.  As you begin to explore these areas, you get a feeling of what each neighborhood is like -- at least as a visitor.  But what would it be like to actually live there, be a part of one of these San Francisco neighborhoods?

Recently, we listed a property in Nob Hill … well … it’s on the edge of Nob Hill, near Russian Hill (the boundary is about a block away).  Nob Hill is in an excellent location: it’s close to the restaurants on Hyde Street, the shops on Polk Street, and it’s easy walking distance to the Financial District, Union Square, Ghirardelli Square, Chinatown, North Beach and even Pacific Heights; and like it’s proximity to other San Francisco areas, Nob Hill has several “mini-neighborhoods” within it’s border. No matter what you already know about an area, whenever you spend time in that location, you learn the nuances of that spot -- that’s the fun part!  So, we dove in – we met neighbors and talked with them about their specific neighborhood. What do they love about living there?

This pocket of Nob Hill, near the corner of Pacific and Leavenworth is a smaller community within itself.  The area has created a close-knit neighborhood within a neighborhood.  We learned that this small area of Nob Hill is quite special.  What is different about it?  It’s simple: people gather together, they visit with one another; they get to know each other.  The neighbors do something very valuable: spend time together.  In this quaint section of Nob Hill sits the Chameleon Café.  This charming café hosts events each week for the locals including: Friday night happy hours that will find kids running all over the sidewalks with adults sipping wine and talking about the week.  It also brings politicians to the area such as mayoral candidates who want to discuss local issues.  Sometimes the café will host cultural events introducing different flavors such as Ethiopian food to the neighborhood.

Like the Chameleon Café, many of the local restaurants know the people in the area and make sure there is always a table or a seat available for the locals -- even on busy weekend evenings.  The neighborhood friendliness doesn’t stop there; even the canine friends get treats from the corner grocery market which supplies little sausages kept behind the register for the dogs in the hood.  

So, while Nob Hill seems quite urban -- it has many benefits of an exciting urban environment, it also has the advantages of a small neighborhood with a thriving, friendly, cohesive community.  Check it out!