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One of the biggest pleasures I have is calling a buyer to let them know that their offer has been accepted. Exciting when they win a bidding war.  And so satisfying if we learn that they won with an offer that was not the top one in price. 

How do you craft a winning bid? I partner with my clients to thoroughly understand the market and its dynamics, develop an understanding of a property and its potential and create their best offer package. Listing Agents and Sellers appreciate my professionalism and I’m often told that the offer I’m presenting is a standout, even when the price is not the highest. 

I enjoy working with smart, thoughtful clients who want to be diligent and thorough in their understanding. They appreciate that buying a house requires the right blend of analysis, persistence, thoughtfulness and intuition. In addition to the # beds, #baths and location, it’s really about if the house feels right and will be an amazing place to call home as you create the next several years of your life. These clients also appreciate that in addition to expertise and experience, my team and I also understand our biases, know what we don’t know and yet have an awareness of what’s possible and know how to help you create that!

And we do the normal stuff that agents do to help their buyers. And bring consultative skills and experience, are amazing negotiators and can help manage all of the details to ensure your success. 

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