The Golden Gate Bridge at 75



May 27th marks the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge.  There are dozens of celebrations planned by different Bay area groups.

I marvel at the Bridge. It's majestic, it's beautiful.  The views from the Bridge are captivating.  Driving over the Bridge is always a wonderful experience. Yes, even when you are stuck in traffic.  The Bridge is one of the major connectors between San Francisco and Marin (swimming or taking the ferry are also fun options, too!).  How will you celebrate?  Attend the Marin Symphony to hear Golden Gate Opus (part of the Beethoven and the Bridge concert)? Attend the exhibition at the California Historical Society? Visit George Krevsky Gallery to see artistic visions of the Bridge.  Or perhaps participate in the SplashNDash, a swim under the length of the Bridge followed by a run.  Fun!

To see the events, check out the calendar.  Or check out the 75 Ways to Celebrate document, created by the the groups most engaged in the Bridge,  Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy—in cooperation with the National Park Service, the Presidio Trust, and the City and County of San Francisco


Happy 75th

This bridge is old yet its still at its best performance. For 75 years it has provided a safe and easy way to commuters. Lets cheers to that!

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