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Central Mill Valley

For our intro to Mill Valley, please read the article titled Mill Valley Neighborhoods, which defines the four quadrants of Mill Valley and the various neighborhoods within those areas.  The section here will further describe the Central areas of the town of Mill Valley.

To see Mill Valley Neighborhood Associations:

Boyle Park:  This neighborhood is loosely defined by E. Blithedale Avenue and the Mill Valley Golf Course, heading north which is north towards Corte Madera.  This location alone makes Boyle Park neighborhood typically sunny and warm.   It is walking distance to downtown, and includes the popular park of Boyle Park (thus the name of the neighborhood).  This park not only has two separate playgrounds for your age specific kids, but it has a place to play baseball and soccer, it has BBQ pits and picnic tables, and public tennis courts where summer time camps are held for kids and adults of all ages.  The homes around this area are highly sought after and in 2010 the average price for this area was $1,600,000, although the range here is wide.   For more information on Mill Valley and other Marin County Parks, click here (

Country Club:  This neighborhood is one of the most desired in Mill Valley for its sunny weather.  People who come from San Francisco to escape the fog and start a revived life, complete with loads of outdoor activities and sunshine will frequently purchase here or one of this neighborhoods surrounding areas.  The Country Club neighborhood is private, complete with redwoods, hills and ridges providing lots of lovely vistas.  It is built around the Mill Valley Country Club which was purchased by the City of Mill Valley in January of 1939, (for additional information and history of the Mill Valley Golf Course check out  This geographic area also includes the Mill Valley Tennis and Swim Club, which was founded in 1929.  The Country Club neighborhood is connected to other popular neighborhoods such as Boyle Park and Scott Highlands .  The homes in these areas were typically built in the 20s and 30s and the turn-over here is infrequent.  The homes can range in price greatly but it is safe to say the average home price in this area is $1,300,000, with some homes selling for over $5,000,000. 

Downtown:  Downtown Mill Valley is where everyone wants to be.  They want to walk there, stroll there or at the very least bike there.  So, living IN this area is very desirable.  Mill Valley is hip, fun but laid-back and downtown is the center of where things happen.  The homes in this area are as eclectic in style as the personalities you will see hanging around the square and old bus depot, now popular bookstore and lunch spot.  The price for these homes differs as the variety of styles, with an average in 2010 of $1,500,000. To find Downtown, simply drive west on E Blithedale until you cross Throckmorton, turn left and circle around until you meet Miller Street. 

Homestead Valley:  Homestead Valley iswonderful Mill Valley Neighborhood just south of the main downtown area.  The neighborhood itself was once farm land but today is a thriving neighborhood, complete with it’s own blog, community center, pool, Facebook page, and private school.  The Whole Foods off Miller is a key landmark for Homestead Valley – or the 2AM Club, just head west.  The homes in Homestead Valley vary greatly and prices for this neighborhood vary accordingly.  Many people new to Mill Valley think it is not walking distance to town, however, there are many residence who would disagree with that.  Check out this article for some walking routes! Other adjoining neighborhoods near Homestead Valley include, Molino Edgewood which is nestled between Homestead Valley and Old Mill, and the Miller Street Avenue Corridor. 

Tamalpais Park/ Sycamore Park:  Sycamore Park is one of Mill Valley’s favorite neighborhoods, especially for people with children.  The adjacent neighborhoods often get put together in defining location, however – Tamalpais Park is the area just north with the larger homes.   Both neighborhoods are highly desireable.  Years ago, this neighborhood was referred to as “the Flats” and not considered as desirable – but as with many things in life, times have changed!  Today’s population – especially recent people moving into Mill Valley want to live in a home that has a flat yard space, is close to shopping and schools, close to parks and activities, and enjoys a strong neighborhood feel.  Sycamore Park has it all, tree lined streets, cozy homes, and a friendly community.  This neighborhood is one of the most popular destinations for locals to enjoy Halloween.  The streets shut down and the kids go “trick or treating” and have a grand time!   Many homes have been expanded over the years, yet the small ranch or craftsman home is still available at times.  The prices for these homes start around $850,000 and go up to $3-4M.  The average home in this neighborhood is approximately $1.5M.