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Mill Valley - Northwest neighborhoods

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Blithedale Canyon:  Blithedale Canyon is one of two canyons that separate the “valley” of Mill Valley.  The other canyon being Cascade Canyon – but more about that area later!  Blithedale Canyon has long been an area many people are drawn to because it calls to the tempered, relaxed, creative part of one’s psyche.  The beauty of this area is that it is engulfed with huge redwood trees and seasonal creeks that run through it creating an ambiance of peace and refuge.  Because of the trees and water, this area tends to be cooler than other areas of Mill Valley.  Blithedale Canyon includes the Corte Madera Creek and climbs the hillsides of Mount Tam – considered the “northwest” portion of Mill Valley.  It is woodsy and rustic but because of its close proximity to town (directly or by way of one of the famous hidden staircases), it has long been an area of popularity.  It has been the home of many celebrities and elite people of all backgrounds.  Blithedale Canyon has also been the beginning site of many hikers and mountain bikers alike, especially starting their jaunts on the Old Railroad Grade trailhead.  The West Blithedale Canyon Neighborhood Association even has its own Facebook page!  The average home in this neighborhood sold for $1,260,000 in 2010 with a wide range of home prices.

Cascade Canyon:  This quintessential Mill Valley neighborhood is best described by those who have attended or run the Dipsea trail race, the oldest trail race in the US – as this area begins the climb for this race (www.dipsea .org).  However, it is safe to say this is area is picturesque.  Cascade Canyon is “southwest” portion of Mill Valley’s downtown and a good point of reference is Old Mill Park.  Just down from this popular park (across from this neighborhood’s elementary school, also called Old Mill Elementary) is Cascade Drive which traverses through the neighborhood and along the Creekside.  The area is typically cooler and foggier than other areas of Mill Valley, but this creates a lushness found in few places.  Parts of the drive along Cascade Drive and its offshoot streets, the roads can become narrow and sharp; one must drive with caution since this road is also a popular walking road.  Because of the diversity of the styles of these homes and average is difficult to determine.  The homes in this area ranged in 2010 by millions with an average of $1,300,000.

Middle Ridge:  Middle Ridge is considered by some as the quintessential Mill Valley neighborhood.  Nestled between the two “canyons”:  Blithedale Canyon and Cascade Canyon, Middle ridge has all the beauty o f those areas, plus it is located higher and comes complete with sunnier micro-climate weather, incredible views of the bay and San Francisco, amazing hillside vistas and the prestige that goes with it all.  Middle Ridge is a most sought after neighborhood and is also one of the most expensive.  The homes here are considered “high end” and the location is desired because you are walking distance to downtown, and also you have easy access to all the hiking trails and nearby parks.  An average price for a home in this neighborhood ran $1.8M in 2010. 

The micro neighborhoods of Old Mill, Mill Valley Heights and Panoramic are within these areas as well.