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Mill Valley

Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, west of Highway 101, nestled in the Redwoods is Mill Valley. 

Mill Valley’s long time locals often revere the community as a laid back “hippie town”, yet over the past 20+ years, it has been the destination of many different types of people who have relocated here, and now call Mill Valley “home”.   The one thing most Mill Valley residents have in common is the love for the outdoors.  Whether you are a mountain biker, a hiker, a walker, a road cyclist, a runner, a dog owner, a bird watcher, a flower lover, a tree hugger, or simply a person who enjoys the smell of fresh air while lounging on a deck overlooking a trickling creek - you will enjoy life in Mill Valley.  For the new and old residents alike, the popular 1970’s song “Mill Valley, That’s My Home” ( rings true!  Since that time, there has been a steady flow of folks drawn to the charm and simplicity of this alluring community!  The richness of the people who live here and the lushness of the landscape that surrounds this thriving community cannot be compared.  Therefore, like the micro-climates of the area, micro-communities have risen out of the trees, hillsides and trickling creeks.  It is safe to say that Mill Valley has many wonderful neighborhoods and they are each quite special in their own ways. 

For a complete list of Mill Valley neighborhoods, incorporated and unincorporated:,_California#Neighborhoods_and_unincorporated_CDPs

For more information on the different neighborhoods in this community, look in the Living in Marin section of our website; we will explore the neighborhoods that make up this special place called Mill Valley.  For the purpose of our writing, we have decided to separate the town into four parts:  central, northeast, northwest and south.  Enjoy and explore!

For a good map of the neighborhoods, check out: