The Beautiful Succulents of Pierce Street

As I rounded the corner from California Street onto Pierce Street yesterday, I was delighted to see my neighbor (to the office), Connie, out tending to her succulent garden.  Connie has maintained a beautiful garden in raised beds around the trees.  Her interest in succulents has led her to active involvement in the San Francisco Succulent and Cactus Society and her gardening has created a beautiful sight in the neighborhood.


84 Connie's Succulents

While we were standing there, several neighbors stopped by to talk with her about her garden.  One took some cuttings for his garden, another just stopped to say hello.  Unfortunately, someone has been stealing plants on occassion.  Unfortunately we had to talk about the new additions to the garden--the "Thou Shall Not Steal" signs.  I suppose with the creation of something beautiful and public comes the occassional theft and vandalism.  It is disappointing, but I am so glad that Connie continues to express her passion and create a fantastic garden for all of us to enjoy.86




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