Marathon Swimming is Back in Vogue

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I recently completed my first open water swim.  That is, the first open water, out of cove swim, meaning my first swim outside of the safety of San Francisco's Aquatic Park.  The swim was about a mile, from Gas House cove, the area right behind Green's restaurant at Fort Mason back to the beach between the Dolphin Club and the South End Club at Aquatic Park.  My swim was evidently much longer than that as I kept wanting to swim towards Alcatraz.  Safely back to the Club in a reasonable time--not as fast as I would have liked, but reasonable enough and I finished.

I saw this amazing article in the New York Times about people doing marathon swims on the Hudson River.  I am pleased that after many years, the river is clean enough for people to swim in.  I'm also in awe at their willingness to take on this marathon race--120 miles in 7 days.  Wow!  It makes my swim from just a little way down the road seem kind of insignificant.

Not to minimize my experience.  I DO love swimming in Aquatic Park and do so several times each week.  I am a bit wimpy--I don't like swimming in water temperatures below 50 degrees, which rules out winter swimming for me.  Current temperatures are in the high 50s and beautiful.  Hope to see you in the Bay.