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PARK(ing) DAY: Transforming Our Cities,

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A few months ago, I created a blog entry about Russian Hill's Magic Corner, the intersection of Hyde and Green Streets.  I talked about the awesome sights I have seen there...a few years ago, at the height of a heat wave (it was still very warm at 9PM) when I drove by Frascati and saw dinners, seated at tables outside the restaurant.  The scene was etherial and quite unusual for San Francisco.  Was it really warm enough in July to take off our jackets and eat outside? 

Since then, I have seen many unusual sights at this corner.  Recently, a woman in her 20s dressed in a ruffled, white taffeta dress, over leggings resting while leaning against her bicycle.  She was accompanied by man, also in his 20s, in a brown plaid blazer and solid brown pants sporting a Fedora.  He was leaning against his red, old-fashioned looking bicycle.  Posing?  A delightful sight.  The corner is magic.

When I drive by, I expect to see an amazing site, something delightful.  Some magic, perhaps?

I highly recommend a visit to Hyde Street.  Have an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista, hop on the cable car and ride up Hyde Street.  Will you see magic at the intersection of Hyde and Green?  Maybe.  If not, stroll back down to Aquatic Park and you will see extraordinary vistas, lots of tourists at Lombard Street and have a very pleasant adventure.

(To add to the magic, the original article disappeared.  Let's see if this one gets published.)