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There has been significant fanfare recently about the opening of the new terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).  I was invited to a party thrown by Virgin American who will be located in that terminal.  This amused be because I don't know if I would add getting in the car and heading to the airport for a party as high on my list, although I suspect they will throw a party with some flair. 

The New York Times profiles the art collection at the airport.  Evidently, the airport received its accreditiation from the American Association of Museums and is one of a few airports in the country to hold this designation.  The art at the airport does make the traveling experience more pleasant.  For those with long flight delays, or for those travelers who can take a moment to stop and enjoy a painting for two minutes can add to ones exprience of travel and enrich what is for many, a stressful experience.  And perhaps something that would make the travel experience more pleasant would be for  the majority of us to have incentives to check our bags so that we could stroll through airports, reduce the delays at security and in boarding flights, and of course, enjoy the art.

(The photo above is one I took a few years ago in the Key West airport.  I was between security and the waiting area when I noticed this painting by Susan Sugar, one of my favorite artists.  The photo doesn't do her work justice, but perhaps is an adequate representation of how many experience airport art.  To see her work, please visit her website.)