The West Coast T Party


tea and knitting 


The debate over public art continues as East Bay knitters express their dislike for public works with a bit of subversive knitting.  I love the Bay Area, we protest just about everything and we think of innovative ways of doing it.  In the last few weeks, masked East Bay knitters have converted their stash (those left over balls of yarn, and those purchased with a project in mind, but not yet knit) and created a cover for the "T" in the Here There statue that graces the Berkeley Oakland border.  The reference to the Gertrude Stein comment about Oakland--there is no "there there," many feel that the placement of this public sculpture is a slam on Oakland, or perhaps just more evidence that those in Berkeley feel that they are the center of the universe.  Covering the T makes the sculpture read Here Here.  More on this west coast version of a T party.

What is your favorite public art in San Francisco or the Bay Area (driving over a bridge is ok!)?  Currently, I am liking the Buddha's in the plaza across from the Asian Art Museum.  Too many heads, too many arms and people interacting with the sculpture and having fun.  Nice.


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