Evernote: My New Favorite App

Last fall, I was introduced to Evernote.  This App let's you keep electronic notebooks of information--notes that you take, things that you clip on the web, ideas that you have.  You can use this on your computer and several mobile devices.  I don't think I took it too seriously until a few weeks ago.  I currently am using multiple computers (macs and pcs) as well as an iPad and an iPhone.  I have this bad habit of saving things to my desktop.  If I don't take care, it looks like a messy desk.  And unlike a real desk, I can't put the papers in a stack.  Here is this week's stack:


During a recent conversation with a technical expert, I learned that keeping a ton of documents on my computer desktop diminishes its performance--by slowing things down. Sort of the same effect as having a lot of paper on your physical desktop.  Hmmm.  So last fall, someone told me about Evernote.  I got the app and only used it casually until recently.  I am sure I am only scratching the surface of what it can do.  In the past few weeks I have been so impressed with how I can use it to store random documents I collect across the web, things I physically collect and then scan and put into Evernote.  This week, I have stored many articles I've found on the web--from "101 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Google+" to a blog article about a book store that let an artist rearrange the books by color (the photos are amazing) to a site to buy custom designed swimsuits with fun patterns (I usually wear black).  Today, I took screenshots of web maps for the weekend.  I am heading peach picking with friends and have maps to guide us, just in case we get lost (and just in case there is no 3G).  You can add documents, photos and of course audio.  Incredible.  Check out Evernote, it's pretty awesome. And you can add tags and search by tag to keep yourself organized.  Brilliant.


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