New Years Resolutions: Better Late Than Never

It's mid-January, that time of year when people have fallen off the wagon with respect to their New Year's Resolutions.  The regular visits to the gym have fallen off or the chocolate cake looked really good.  Me?  I am not a huge believer in creating NYRs.  I am very interested in goal setting and how people achieve goals, but resist the ones set around the new year.

I've been continuing my focus of getting things out of the house that I no longer need and getting these items into the correct hands.  So far, none of it has gone to landfill.  Art supplies, office items and unused yarn have gone to Scrap, old bedding and towels to the SPCA and books to Friends of the Public Library.  That helps with items from my house that are no longer useful to me.  My house feels lighter and cleaner AND I still have a way to go.

I've been making more soup lately.  It is delicious and warming in the cold weather.  I am surprised at the popularity of cartons as a storage device for beef, chicken and vegetable broth.  I would think that cans would be a better option for packaging soup because they are recyclable.  Well it turns out that cartons are recyclable.  Just not in San Francisco, where they are still must be placed in landfill.  As part of my committment to reducing the amount of stuff in my house, this year I resolve to have fewer items in my house and reduce the things I bring into the house that have short-term usefulness, that is to reduce packaging and when I do purchase products that are packaged to consider choosing products with better packaging.  I didn't just make a resolution, did I?


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