Moving Soon?

Congratulations!  You may be in the process of purchasing a home or condo!  Before you start packing, consider the following:  there are ways of making your move a bit greener.  

How?  First, you can cull through all of the things that are in your home and consider getting rid of the things that you don't use often.  There are many places to take your unwanted clothing and household items, and I like the SF Public Library to recycle the books that my friends don't claim.  

Second, you can consider re-using someone else's packing materials from a recent move.  For the last few years at Zephyr, we have had an active email dialog, connecting those who have just moved and have boxes that are available and those who are about to move.  Strangers meet, boxes get picked up, reused and everyone feels great.

I learned about a new service this week, ZippGo.  The service will drop off re-usable boxes made from recycled bottle caps and other moving supplies.  When your move is complete, call them and they will pick up the boxes and all unused supplies.  The boxes get re-used 400 times.  What a brilliant idea.  No one has used the service yet.  Looking forward to reviews from early users, and hope they are great! 


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