So Close And Yet So Far

As a city dweller, I am always delight in driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and heading to Marin.  During foggy days in the summer (when it is foggy, gray and cold in San Francisco), I occasionally like to get to Marin for sunshine and warmth.  Lunch in Mill Valley with a friend?  Or one of my favorite places, Panama Hotel in San Rafael great atmosphere, good food, or to feed my Puerto Rican cravings at Sol Food Restaurant.  Or, perhaps a hike on the Tennessee Valley trail.

One of my favorite things to do is to head out to Stinson Beach.  The steep and winding road hugs the coast.  Be extra careful—there are often cyclists along this road.  Upon arrival, I always feel relaxed—as if I have been transported far away from city life.  Miles away.  Really.  You can head to the beach, one of the restaurants, or just stroll around through the town’s quiet streets. Travel to Stinson:  By car, bike, or foot (via the Dipsea Trail).


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