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A friend arrived at a pot luck dinner a few months ago with a big pot of soup, wrapped in a beautiful cloth.  The cloth also served to hold the lid on the pot as she drove across town.  What a great idea! I would have put the pot in a box to try and absorb any soup that might spill if the lid came off the top. The cloth is called a Furoshiki.  These are used in Japan for many purposes--from wrapping gifts, to carrying items and can also be worn as articles of clothing.  I thought it was a great idea, so headed off to San Francisco's Japantown, near the Fillmore district to search for a furoshiki of my own.

First stop, lunch.

Then, we wandered around several places in Japantown Center and the neighborhood.  We found furoshiki in many stores--varying in quality, size, design and price.  After a few hours of exploration, I decided on two:

Both are beautiful and I have used them to carry things from my home to someone else's.  Next up, the grocery store?  Here is more on tying Furoshiki. (BTW, I know nothing about this site.  Even if you choose to buy your Furoshiki online, I suggest that you also take a trip to Japantown.  You'll have fun.

furoshiki 2