Niagra Falling

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PARK(ing) DAY: Transforming Our Cities,

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I attended a performance of Niagra Falling on Saturday evening with a few friends at San Francisco's newest performance venue: the west wall of the Renoir Hotel on the corner of 7th and Market. The dancers performed on the side of the building and on the roof.  The story was of the decline of American cities and the impact of the economic collapse and was told by juxtaposing the decline of Niagra Falls, NY with San Francisco's Central Market neighborhood (aka part of SOMA).

It was an incredible performance which told the story of the decline of once vibrant communities.  As a few hundred of us stood outside in the plaza watching the performance, traffic wizzed by and pedestrians wandered through, including a drunk man, who likely lives in the neighborhood.

Performances for Niagra Falling are over, but check out other events in Twenty Four Days of Central Market Arts.

Niagra Falling