The Future of Parking

I read a great article in this past Sunday's New York Times, "Paved, But Still Alive."  This article looks at our values towards the automobile, parking lots and parking spaces.  I have written several blog posts about parking including coverage of Parking Day, parking meters, and our policies in the city of San Francisco towards the number of parking spaces in newly constructed buildings.  I was shocked to learn that some who study parking estimate that there are eight parking spots for every car in this country.  And more shocking, parking lots cover more than a third of our land area in this country. 

I'm looking forward to better public transit--hear that MUNI? Until we have better public transportation in place with great routes, courteous drivers at affordable rates, I can't see many people who live in certain parts of San Francisco ditching their cars.  And probably very few will try in Marin. Until we can get to the place where we have fewer cars and fewer parking lots, this article talks about changing the way that we think about parking spaces.  New innovations with permeable surfaces are better for the environment.  In San Francisco, we have taken a page from Parking Day and have made several parklets throughout the city (although there are way too many in front of hipster coffee shops). All of these are great efforts that will improve our quality of life in San Francisco.  And we a new system of public transit that works.


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