My Neighbor, Oreo the Goat

cool looking goat, with high style


It had been several months since I last spotted Oreo, the goat, in my neighborhood.  Oreo, a member of the City Grazing herd, can ocassionally be spotted in Bernal, at the dog park known as the Point (near the intersection of Peralta and Montcalm), and on Cortland Ave as well.  My dog, Stripe, seems both excited and petrified every time he sees Oreo.    

Oreo is part of the City Grazing herd, and recently finished a weed-eating gig in the Presidio.  She was spending the weekend (a playdate?) at the home of neighbors of mine.  Oreo enjoys playing with their two dogs, and when she is not hard at work grazing and weeding the natural way in San Francisco.  She is a beautiful creature.  Her front half, from her nose to her waist is tight, curly fur.  Her back half is fluffy white fur.  Her unique markings make her a natural pin-up girl for this unique company that provides a great natural service to San Francisco and surrounding communities.


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