It has been interesting to watch the public discourse about San Francisco's parking meters, use of parking spots, congestion and MUNI over the last few years.  It has been difficult for some developers to get approved plans for a 1:1 ratio of housing units to cars. More parking meters are being installed along the waterfront near areas used as access to recreation for many SanRead More

Megan and Lee Mokri bought their first home in Mill Valley.  So why is this news? They love living there.  And, they appreciate the service they got from Stacey and Jane.  Check out this video:

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Thanks to Sofiya Feerer for this guest blog post!
By: Sofiya Feerer, Esq.
Planning for your death may seem a bit morbid. Yet proactive people protect their loved ones and their estates through well drafted and properly funded estate plans. A good estate planning attorney will create a comprehensive plan to address your goals and concerns. Here are the top five reasons you need to getRead More

There have been several articles recently that indicate the San Francisco housing market is a heading to doom: there is a bubble, it will burst and prices will tumble. Is that true? My crystal ball has been broken for a long time.
Here’s what I know. The housing market in the Bay Area has been red hot for the last three years. The market continues to be strong, although we areRead More

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Insatiable Hunger in San Francisco
  abundance of purple cauliflower     San Francisco has long been a great place for food lovers.  Eating local, organic and fresh is easy. We have great produce in stores,...
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The Great Inventory Shortage!
For the past month, more than half of the announced sales have at the Zephyr office meeting have sold with multiple offers over asking. Some have sold near their asking price.  Some have sold...
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A Temporary Victory for the Neighborhoods
Hundreds of San Francisco residents attended a recent hearing at city hall to oppose the plan designed to add parking meters to several San Francisco neighborhoods, including Potrero Hill, Dogpatch,...
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January Brings Packed Open Houses
2425 23rd Street Once again, we are at that cycle in the San Francisco Real Estate market that arrives every January.  Buyer demand is high, and inventory is very low.  I visited a few...
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New Guarantee Expected to Raise Mortgage Interest Rates
The following blog entry is written by guest author, Rachel Bernstein of the Baker Loan Team of Guarantee Mortgage: On April 1, 2012, a guarantee fee will be added to all new residential loans backed...
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The Future of Parking
I read a great article in this past Sunday's New York Times, "Paved, But Still Alive."  This article looks at our values towards the automobile, parking lots and parking spaces.  I have...
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Gerstle Park Belle
This week's "Best of Tour" is a fantastic house at 240 C Street in San Rafael.  Built in 1925, this darling house has a great layout for a 2 bedroom home. It retains some of its original detail...
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There's Something Special About Nob Hill
San Francisco is comprised of many eclectic and fascinating neighborhoods, each with their own flair and sense of enjoyment.  As you begin to explore these areas, you get a feeling of what...
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Gerstle Park Market Update August 2011
        August is typically a slower month for real estate activity, but this August, Gerstle Park has seen a fair amount of market activity.  During the first few weeks of...
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Best in Show: Mill Valley Mid-Century Home
  After touring properties this week, I have decided that my favorite home was the listing located at 378 Lowell Avenue in Mill Valley – Tam Valley to be more specific.  It was simply a...
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San Francisco Real Estate Market: Is It A Bubble?
    San Francisco Real Estate Market: Is It A Bubble?    There have been...
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No Surprises Here!
It probably comes as no surprise to anyone who lives in the Bay Area and has access to local news...
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The Housing Drought
Did you miss that surge of new inventory on the San Francisco market this spring? We all did....
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Blame the Busses! and other Perspectives on our Inventory Shortage
Private Shuttle Busses in SF The bidding in San Francisco continues at a furious pace. Buyers...
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Are You Living In Your Forever Home?
A special thanks to Janice Wallace for this guest post on universal design: I’m a big fan of home...
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What is an Agency Relationship, and Why Does it Matter?
When you are buying or selling a home, it is important for you to select an agent who is...
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April 2012 Tam Valley Market Report
We’ve seen a dramatic change in the Southern Marin real estate market.  It seems as if we have...
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Should I Remodel My Home?
We are often asked by clients if they should remodel their homes.  The answer, of course: it...
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Changes for FHA Loans: How Will This Impact Markets Around the Country?
The fees for FHA loans will change this spring.  This was announced several months ago, but...
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Geological Reports - who needs them?
  Anyone selling or buying a home/property in the state of California needs a geological...
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