A special thanks to Janice Wallace for this guest post on universal design:

I’m a big fan of home improvement shows and recently heard a new term “forever home”. Instead of trading up, more people are talking about buying a ...Read more

For the past month, more than half of the announced sales have at the Zephyr office meeting have sold with multiple offers over asking. Some have sold near their asking price. Some have sold for $50,000 over. Or $150,000 over. One for $400,000 over its $2.3 million asking price. What is ...Read more

When you are buying or selling a home, it is important for you to select an agent who is experienced, knowledgable, professional and will help you through every step of the process. After selecting an agent, you'll work with this person to identify the property that is right for you, help you ...Read more

We’ve seen a dramatic change in the Southern Marin real estate market. It seems as if we have a real shortage of nice homes for sale. Homes are selling quickly, some with multiple offers, and some for more than their original asking price.

We’ve been hearing bad news about the economy ...Read more

We are often asked by clients if they should remodel their homes. The answer, of course: it depends! Is your objective to quickly increase the value of your home? Is your objective to make living in your home more enjoyable for your long term use? Will your remodeling project add to the size of ...Read more

The fees for FHA loans will change this spring. This was announced several months ago, but here's a great New York Times article with details.

For those ...Read more

Anyone selling or buying a home/property in the state of California needs a geological report!

According to the California Civil Code 1102.6, sellers of most residential property are required to provide prospective buyers with what is commonly known in the real estate community ...Read more

HOT is the best way to describe our real estate markets, both in San Francisco and Marin. Few listings come onto the market each week and many properties sell within the first day(s) on the market. Many new listings are selling for over the asking price--some for significantly over asking. While ...Read more

Megan and Lee Mokri bought their first home in Mill Valley. So why is this news? They love living there. And, they appreciate the service they got from Stacey and Jane. Check out this video:

Megan and Lee Mokri 1st Time BuyersRead more

We find that many home-buyers are interested in moving to Marin from the city. Some are attracted to the natural setting and beauty of living among trees. Others are awed by views of San Francisco. Some are addicted to the outdoors and love the hiking and running trails, surfing, rowing and ...Read more