Summer has arrived and the farmer’s market is in full swing: active and lively. Real estate seems to be buzzing along too. There have been the usual higher number of listings come onto the market in the Gerstle Park neighborhood--as you drive around you can see the signs indicating that number ...Read more

We're often asked, "How's The Market?" The answer of course is that it all depends where you live.

And while values and market dynamics really are dependent upon local factors, there are some generalities that apply to the San Francisco and Marin Markets. In the past few years, I have ...Read more

Wow, check out this amazing tour of San Francisco. It is the brilliant work of Scott Weaver who spent countless hours building this amazing kinetic sculpture.

I love hearing the laughter and delight of the audience. I found this amazing video online.

...Read more

San Francisco's Planning Commission approved the development plan for Treasure Island. This plan, expected to cost $1.5 billion will create housing, office space and new jobs on Treasure Island, the man- ...Read more

Parking Meter in the Mission 2011-04-04.jpg

San Francisco announces a plan to implement variable rate pricing using its new, high tech parking meters. The idea is to vary the rates of parking meters so that prices are high enough at all ...Read more

What’s all the hype about the STAR testing? Is it in Marin or just San Francisco? What does it measure? Should my child prepare for it? These are a few questions we get asked, especially this time of year with the tests around the corner, and with people exploring whether or not to move. So, I ...Read more

The Rush
285 Richland Street.jpg

Here is a picture of the crowd heading in to see the house at 285 Richland Ave in San Francisco this morning for a brief (and probably only) showing of this house. Why? This 1000 square foot home, which is now bank ...Read more

There have been recent proposals to eliminate the Federal income tax deduction for mortgage interest paid and to eliminate the government's role in ...Read more

Z marin_0.jpg

After many years of selling homes in Marin County, Zephyr Real Estate has (finally) openned their first office in Marin County, located at 201 Corte Madera Ave in Corte Madera, near Larkspur.

There have been a few Zephyr agents who have been ...Read more

It has been interesting to watch the public discourse about San Francisco's parking meters, use of parking spots, congestion and MUNI over the last few years. It has been difficult for some developers to get approved plans for a 1:1 ratio of housing units to cars. More parking meters are being ...Read more