Well priced condos in North Beach continue to sell when they are properly presented to the market. This month, two new homes that were on the market went into contract:690 Chestnut #204, a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home and 600 Chestnut #306, also a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home. Both were well priced homes, ...Read more

The DJIA crossed 10,000 last week, and seems to be oscillating in that range. (This second at 10,015, thanks to my iphone). National Public Radio quotes the National Association of Realtors, ...Read more

This morning's SF Chronicle has an article about the Board of Supervisors lastest proposed legislation, that which will make it difficult, if not impossible ...Read more

I've been working with a new buyer, who is not a cook and doesn't care about kitchens, at all. Visiting a newly constructed condo recently, I saw her lingering in the kitchen for a while. That's interesting. So I asked. Evidently, she likes the amount of storage space, and indicated that the ...Read more

Two ideas for revitalizing Market Street have been bouncing around for quite some time: the first goes into effect today, the second is a ballot proposal. Starting today, eastbound vehicles driving on Market Street towards the Embarcadero will be encouraged to turn right on 10th Street. If they ...Read more

San Francisco supervisors voted earlier this week to approve the plan for the project to transform the partially abandoned Hunters Point Shipyard into a new neighborhood with open space, over 10,000 new residential units, businesses, clean technology space and good urban design.

These ...Read more

We've been blanketed in fog for several weeks now, and memories of summer are long forgotten. I always enjoy Tuesdays--for Brokers Tour and seeing lots of great properties and for the wonderful opportunity to drive around the city during tour. This morning in Telegraph Hill and North Beach it ...Read more

A guest blog entry from Donna Aldrich , a mortgage broker:

HVCC the ‘Home Valuation Code of Conduct’ went into effect May 1st of this year and was purportedly passed to protect the consumer. HVCC has created intermediary ...Read more

I heard an interesting statistic the other day: Only twenty percent of all short sales that have been approved by the banks ever closes escrow.

Let me start at the beginning. A short sale refers to a home or condo that is being sold, where the purchase price being paid by the Buyer ( ...Read more