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I had the pleasure of seeing the goats on Cortland Street in Bernal Heights today.  Oreo and her son, Double Stuff, that is.  Oreo, a former neighbor of mine, is usually off at work--in the Presidion or some other city park or open space that needs grooming.  They were in the front of Good Life Grocery today, munching on romaine lettuce, cardboard and paper.
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As I rounded the corner from California Street onto Pierce Street yesterday, I was delighted to see my neighbor (to the office), Connie, out tending to her succulent garden.  Connie has maintained a beautiful garden in raised beds around the trees.  Her interest in succulents has led her to active involvement in the San Francisco Succulent and Cactus Society and her gardening has createdRead More

I recently completed my first open water swim.  That is, the first open water, out of cove swim, meaning my first swim outside of the safety of San Francisco's Aquatic Park.  The swim was about a mile, from Gas House cove, the area right behind Green's restaurant at Fort Mason back to the beach between the Dolphin Club and the South End Club at Aquatic Park.  My swim was evidently muchRead More

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Infinite City: An Extraordinary Gem
   I took a break on Tuesday from Brokers' Tour, and found myself on Clement Street.  A quick lunch at Burma Super Star, one of my favorite restaurants in the city (although I don't...
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I was heading past the bulletin board in front of Good Life Grocery on Cortland Ave in Bernal...
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Niagra Falling
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Calling All Geographers!
wolf   This morning, listening to KQED, I heard about a great project in San Francisco:...
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Where are the Kids Going?
I was listening to the news last week with half an ear, only to hear about changing census numbers...
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SFO: It's an Airport. And a Museum.
  There has been significant fanfare recently about the opening of the new terminal 2 at San...
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The Islands of SF
I love exploring San Francisco's neighborhoods and have really been enjoying Rebecca Solnit's...
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Russian Hill's Magic Corner
A few months ago, I created a blog entry about Russian Hill's Magic Corner, the intersection of...
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The West Coast T Party
      The debate over public art continues as East Bay knitters express their...
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Hayes Valley Farm
  In the last few years, there have been several proposals to use lots throughout the city of...
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