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I have been a devote of Mrs. Meyers' Geranium dish soap for the last few years because I have loved the scent. Besides, they are "aromatherapeutic"
I was in Trader Joe's recently, passing by the cleaning products and I realized that I was almost out of Mrs. Meyers at home, so I decided to buy a bottle of Seventh Generation Lavender and Mint dish soap. It has a nice scent, cleans well andRead More

I just read an incredible article in Business Week, about a couple who decided in 2006 to spend a year living in the middle of New York City without making any negative environmental impact.  They lived on the ninth floor in their one bedroom apartment with a todler and used no electricity, no transportation, no coffee, no cell phone and made no purchases of anything other than locallyRead More

Last fall, I was introduced to Evernote.  This App let's you keep electronic notebooks of information--notes that you take, things that you clip on the web, ideas that you have.  You can use this on your computer and several mobile devices.  I don't think I took it too seriously until a few weeks ago.  I currently am using multiple computers (macs and pcs) as well as an iPad and anRead More

It's mid-January, that time of year when people have fallen off the wagon with respect to their New Year's Resolutions.  The regular visits to the gym have fallen off or the chocolate cake looked really good.  Me?  I am not a huge believer in creating NYRs.  I am very interested in goal setting and how people achieve goals, but resist the ones set around the new year.
I've beenRead More

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SF Supes to Review Proposal to Retrofit Soft Story Buildings
  SFPublic Press earthquake map   The San Francisco supervisors are scheduled to review a proposal that would require owners of soft story buildings to retrofit them by 2020.  The...
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Coming to a City Near You!
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Picking the Perfect Colors for Your Home
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