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One question that many Sellers overlook when making the decision about who to hire to represent them in the sale of their home:  Would you ever be willing to represent the buyer as well as me?  And the follow on question: How many times have you reprsented both the buyer and the seller in a transaction?  Representing both the buyer and the seller in the transaction is perfectly legal,Read More

I heard another agent remark recently that Sellers are always the last to know.  I hadn’t thought about this before, but in many ways, this is true.
In a declining market, sellers are the last to know when the market is soft, demand is down and prices aren’t what they used to be.  That appraisal the seller got 5 years ago when the market was stronger may be off by a hundred thousandRead More

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What's my home REALLY worth?
Is Your Home Really Worth What Zillow* Says It Is? *Zillow or any other company with an Automatic Valuation Model, that is! There are many Automatic Valuation Models available on the internet,...
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First Impressions DO Matter
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