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stackes of Zippgo boxes

So, you are ready to list your home, and you have decided with your agent that you are better off moving out, painting and making minor repairs before putting your home on the market.  I learned of a great new service for people on the move Zippgo.  The company rents boxes and sells moving supplies to those who are moving.  The boxes are made from recycled plastic (from things like caps of soda bottles) and can be used up to 400 times.  At Zephyr, we have had an informal network of box exchanging/re-using for several years.  Several times a week, there are emails announcing the availability of boxes for re-use, and ocassionally an email looking for boxes.  They are often spoken for within minutes.

I found this service on Twitter a few months ago, and that's another story...within a few days of sending direct messages to the founder of the company, we moved to plain old fashioned email and then to the telephone.  I mentioned this service to a client of mine who was able to schedule her move after their November launch date. 

She and I spoke briefly this morning.  All went well with her move.  The movers were fantastic, and she loved her Zippgo boxes and was pleased that she used them.  Check them out.

[If you are a seller who is not moving locally, this probably won't work for you--Zippgo currently serves the Bay Area.]