San Francisco's Planning Department is working to enact bird-safe standards by encouraging changes to the design of new buildings.  Birds collide with large glass towers at alarming rates because they perceive these structures to be wide open sky.  As we continue to fill out our skyline, enacting these guidelines will help protect the diverse wildlife we have in the city.  Plans are to enact these standards closest to areas with large populations of birds and wildlife--e.g. near the city's...

I was surprised driving by the new condos being built on the corner of Mission and Cesar Chavez.  The construction of these condos seems to be progressing quickly after a lot of controversy about the use of this site.  Neighborhood housing activists were trying to force the city to build affordable housing on this site.  The developer, who had already purchased the lot, just wanted approval from the city to develop the site. (History on the controversy at SocketSite and BeyondChron.)


This just in from Mason Kirby, a local architect:

for the busted link in our previous email. I've already fired the
garden gnome that sent it out. Below you will find a corrected
link/announcement to AMK's First Annual
Kids' Digital Design Contest:

I have some excellent news to share with you: AMK's First Annual
Kids' Digital Design Contest is now up and running!  It's a free
juried digital design contest that we are putting on for kids between
the ages of 0 and 15. That's right--take...

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