"We spent three years in Freemont, CA, and fell in love with the Bay area in general and San Francisco in particular. Though we moved to Denver, we dreamed of returning to the City. When we had the opportunity, we called on Jane. Over the next few years, we made a number of ..." [read more]

Eli and Linda Frank

"Jane is great! Here's our story...We bought a Tenancy In Common (TIC) in 2007 with Jane as our agent. She has an encyclopedia-like understanding of all things real estate. Early on, we found a great one bedroom TIC at a good enough price. But we didn't buy it! She saved us ..." [read more]

Doug O"Brien and Marcia Lo

According to the San Francisco Business Times, Zip Realty has announced that they will no longer provide rebates to buyers.  The article states that this is one of several moves the company has made to reposition themselves as a full service brokerage with amazing technology v. a discount broker.  The result?  I think this will be better for consumers, especially buyers. 
Ok, here's the disclaimer.  What I am about to say is not about Zip Realty or its agents--it's about the difference of...

I started writing this article about an hour ago, with the title "Where is the Inventory?" wondering why the supply of homes and condos on the market in San Francisco was so small.  From my vantage point of being "in the field" (a funny image for the city of San Francisco).  I have several buyers who are wondering why there is no inventory that fits their criteria.  They aren't being picky.  Many of them are able to afford what they are looking for in their desired neighborhoods in...

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