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Ben and Tom Sell Their Condo In the Mission

I helped Ben Amyes and Tom Hagan sell their condo in the Mission and this enabled them to move to Woodacre. Here is their story :

Ben and Tom Sell Their HomeRead more
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This morning, listening to KQED , I heard about a great project in San Francisco: individuals areing identify and placing the pieces ...Read more

Many involved with the SF Tenants Union and other tenants rights advocates have long been strong opponents of converting San Francisco housing units from rentals to anything else. This includes 1. combining 2 units in a building, 2. converting rental units owned by one party and rented to many ...Read more

Before we get started, it is important that you understand that the conversion of units to condominiums is governed by local and state laws. For buildings with four units or fewer, San Francisco City and County laws govern the process. For larger buildings (five or more units), the California ...Read more

Tomorrow, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors are scheduled to vote on legislation that will prevent condo conversion in buildings where owners have used legal means to evict tenants so that they could live in their own homes. Huh? And, they want to make this law retroactive to 1999. What are ...Read more