Here is a response to one of our posts about Foreclosures in our blog, from Ken Moll, President of GGB Capital LLC , here in San Francisco. A bit too long for our comment section, so we're publishing this as a guest post::

"Now three ...Read more

The DJIA crossed 10,000 last week, and seems to be oscillating in that range. (This second at 10,015, thanks to my iphone). National Public Radio quotes the National Association of Realtors, ...Read more

This week's report from Wells Fargo Advisors focuses on the housing market, with some interesting data and information about national studies of housing and studies of different markets throughout the country. For once, a study looks at part of the Bay Area (here, San Jose, ...Read more

by Donna Aldrich, Certified Mortgage Planner, Special to

1 December 2008

To quote an old song, ‘what a long strange ride it’s been,’ and the ride continues. Today, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) declared that we have been in a recession ...Read more

For the last two months, as the stock market has been sliding, it seems as if the number of buyers in San Francisco has been slowly dropping off as well. We have always had a way of measuring supply—the number of listings in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). But we have never had a way of ...Read more

There are many pleasant surprises in the news in the last day, all which should be good for the local real estate market and for current homeowners...

First, it seems like there is progress in raising conforming loan limits to as high as $729,500 in areas where housing costs are higher ...Read more

This morning there is news that the Fed has cut interest rates by 3/4 of a point. This should be good news for mortgage rates. And if they do go down, it will make buying real estate in ...Read more

This article was written by Scott Asbell, a mortgage broker I know from Utah. It is a nice, clear perspective about some of the recent events in the mortgage industry. Enjoy!

What's going on in the world of mortgage financing? The media would have you think that the sky is falling, but ...Read more

A study released yesterday by the Association of Bay Area Governments issued a report yesterday in which predicts continued growth for the Bay Area. They expect the number of jobs and people will increase through 2035, but the area's housing stock may not keep pace. The ...Read more