escape the fog

I'm excited to head to Del Ray, CA, south of Fresno to go picking peaches with friends tomorrow. These Elberta peaches are extraordinary. Do they taste better than anything you buy at the farmers market. YES! I think they are farmed with extra love and attention and it is fun to go to the farm ...Read more

Creekside Fridays is a really fun event, and Stacey and I are pleased to sponsor two weeks of this event this year: Friday June 24th and Friday July 29th from 6:30 to 8 PM at the Tam Valley Log Cabin at 60 Tennessee Valley Road. It's a great event and a terrific way to start the weekend--and for ...Read more

As a city dweller, I am always delight in driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and heading to Marin. During foggy days in the summer (when it is foggy, gray and cold in San Francisco), I occasionally like to get to Marin for sunshine and warmth. Lunch in Mill Valley with a friend? Or one of my ...Read more