During your escrow process, you will be asked by your agent, lender and/or escrow officer how you plan to hold title. There are several options for California residents. Before you choose, it is best to confer with your expert advisors, including your attorney and accountant. How you hold title ...Read more

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Purchasing a home is a large investment and buyers are advised to do a careful investigation of the property. There are six areas of potential trouble that should be thoroughly investigated by a licensed home inspector. Sometimes cracks, ...Read more

Here is an article that Paula Siegel, a wrote, published in the For Buyers section. It explains what happens from an escrow officer's point of view. Of course, the Buyers will be conducting inspections and working with their lender or mortgage broker to obtain financing, too. This ...Read more

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You’ve done all the hard work – if you are the buyer, that means weekend drive bys, selecting a realtor ...Read more

Most disclosure packages in San Francisco are prepared and presented to interested buyers so they can review these disclosures prior to writing an offer.There is a lot of important information in these packages, and although some of them look big and imposing (especially for some condominiums), ...Read more