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After many years of selling homes in Marin County, Zephyr Real Estate has (finally) openned their first office in Marin County, located at 201 Corte Madera Ave in Corte Madera, near Larkspur.

There have been a few Zephyr agents who have been ...Read more

I love exploring San Francisco's neighborhoods and have really been enjoying Rebecca Solnit's Infinite City with its amazing layers of culture, creativity and history. I stumbled on another fantastic ...Read more

As a city dweller, I am always delight in driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and heading to Marin. During foggy days in the summer (when it is foggy, gray and cold in San Francisco), I occasionally like to get to Marin for sunshine and warmth. Lunch in Mill Valley with a friend? Or one of my ...Read more

I took a break on Tuesday from Brokers' Tour, and found myself on Clement Street. A quick lunch at Burma Super Star , one of my favorite restaurants in the city (although I don't get there very often any more) and a quick trip through ...Read more

A few months ago, I created a blog entry about Russian Hill's Magic Corner, the intersection of Hyde and Green Streets. I talked about the awesome sights I have seen there...a few years ago, at the height of a heat wave (it was still very warm at 9PM) when I drove by Frascati and saw dinners, ...Read more

On a Saturday in August, I will be heading to the Masumoto Farm in Del Ray, south of Fresno to pick peaches. This has become an annual event. We head down on Friday, stop at our favorite taco stand along the way, relax poolside in the incredible heat and have a great dinner in ...Read more

I had the pleasure of seeing the goats on Cortland Street in Bernal Heights today. Oreo and her son, Double Stuff, that is. Oreo , a former neighbor of mine, is usually off at work--in the Presidion or some other city park or ...Read more

I am often swimming in the Bay at Aquatic Park and I often park on Jefferson Street near the Dolphin Club, or up Hyde Street into the Russian Hill neighborhood. The other morning, I parked at the end of Van Ness in one of those great 4 hour parking spots--which would give me plenty of time to ...Read more

Next Wednesday, February 10th, Elizabeth Faulkner of Orson Restaurant , Sue Conley and Peggy Smith of Cowgirl Creamery and ...Read more

It was a blast! I left the office late in the afternoon, and was able to see just a handful of spots before my 6 PM appointment, but they were terrific. First stop was on 2nd at South Park, a miniature golf course constructed by the Blnkt Collaborative. There were two people on this three hole ...Read more