I was listening to the news last week with half an ear, only to hear about changing census numbers from last year to the previous census in 2000.  The result?  The number of children, defined as kids from 0 to 17 years has declined in the last ten years in San Francisco.  I have been trolling the web and am not finding good clear sources for this information.
An editorial in my San Francisco Business Times from last week's paper discusses all of this, but I am having difficulty finding it...

This just in from Mason Kirby, a local architect:

for the busted link in our previous email. I've already fired the
garden gnome that sent it out. Below you will find a corrected
link/announcement to AMK's First Annual
Kids' Digital Design Contest:

I have some excellent news to share with you: AMK's First Annual
Kids' Digital Design Contest is now up and running!  It's a free
juried digital design contest that we are putting on for kids between
the ages of 0 and 15. That's right--take...

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