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SFPublic Press earthquake map
The San Francisco supervisors are scheduled to review a proposal that would require owners of soft story buildings to retrofit them by 2020.  The proposed plan will require about 3,000 buildings in San Francisco, built before 1978 to undergo seismic retrofits in the next several years. Single family homes and smaller buildings will be exempt from this plan. During the city's voluntary retrofit period, the least expensive project was $8,000 and the most...


I was awakened in the middle of the night to the SHRIEK of the smoke detectors in my house.  Jolted awake.  No sign of smoke or fire.  Headed downstairs quickly--no sign of anything there.  All detectors screaming downstairs.  And finally, down to my neighbors house below.  No noise, no signs of smoke or fire.  Just quiet.
I managed to shut the system by turning off all of the circuit breakers until I hit the correct combination that shut off all five alarms.  Relief.
My dog looked...

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