Marin County - May 2016

The Real Estate Update

Market conditions in Marin remain tight and seller favorable. Sales activity continues to be active, but has edged lower in recent years due to inventory constraints. Single family and condominium sales probably ...Read more


May 27th marks the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. There are dozens of celebrations planned by different Bay area groups.

I marvel at the Bridge. It's majestic, it's beautiful. The views from the Bridge are captivating. Driving ...Read more

We are often asked by clients if they should remodel their homes. The answer, of course: it depends! Is your objective to quickly increase the value of your home? Is your objective to make living in your home more enjoyable for your long term use? Will your remodeling project add to the size of ...Read more

We find that many home-buyers are interested in moving to Marin from the city. Some are attracted to the natural setting and beauty of living among trees. Others are awed by views of San Francisco. Some are addicted to the outdoors and love the hiking and running trails, surfing, rowing and ...Read more

gashouse cove swim.jpg

I recently completed my first open water swim. That is, the first open water, out of cove swim, meaning my first swim outside of the safety of San Francisco's Aquatic Park. The swim was about a mile, from Gas House cove, the area ...Read more

Creekside Fridays is a really fun event, and Stacey and I are pleased to sponsor two weeks of this event this year: Friday June 24th and Friday July 29th from 6:30 to 8 PM at the Tam Valley Log Cabin at 60 Tennessee Valley Road. It's a great event and a terrific way to start the weekend--and for ...Read more

Mill Valley - Northwest neighborhoods

For a good map of the neighborhoods, check out:

To see Mill Valley Neighborhood Associations: ...Read more

Wow, check out this amazing tour of San Francisco. It is the brilliant work of Scott Weaver who spent countless hours building this amazing kinetic sculpture.

I love hearing the laughter and delight of the audience. I found this amazing video online.

...Read more

What’s all the hype about the STAR testing? Is it in Marin or just San Francisco? What does it measure? Should my child prepare for it? These are a few questions we get asked, especially this time of year with the tests around the corner, and with people exploring whether or not to move. So, I ...Read more

As a city dweller, I am always delight in driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and heading to Marin. During foggy days in the summer (when it is foggy, gray and cold in San Francisco), I occasionally like to get to Marin for sunshine and warmth. Lunch in Mill Valley with a friend? Or one of my ...Read more