Marin Real Estate Market

For the past month, more than half of the announced sales have at the Zephyr office meeting have sold with multiple offers over asking. Some have sold near their asking price. Some have sold for $50,000 over. Or $150,000 over. One for $400,000 over its $2.3 million asking price. What is ...Read more

The fees for FHA loans will change this spring. This was announced several months ago, but here's a great New York Times article with details.

For those ...Read more

We find that many home-buyers are interested in moving to Marin from the city. Some are attracted to the natural setting and beauty of living among trees. Others are awed by views of San Francisco. Some are addicted to the outdoors and love the hiking and running trails, surfing, rowing and ...Read more

During your escrow process, you will be asked by your agent, lender and/or escrow officer how you plan to hold title. There are several options for California residents. Before you choose, it is best to confer with your expert advisors, including your attorney and accountant. How you hold title ...Read more

The typical question real estate agents get asked is “how’s the market”? But lately, the more frequent question is: “is there much ON the market”? Well, the short answer is no. Given the low inventory, one might think that the prices should go up, right? But we are not seeing too much ...Read more

The last several weeks have shown signs of slowing market activity in Gerstle Park. Several new homes have come onto the market, no home sale transactions have been completed and only one home has gone into contract during this time period, the house at 109 Clorinda. This home is in need of some ...Read more

The fall is here, and so are the turkeys! Winter is just around the corner, and with the cool air comes a cooling of the real estate market as well. Or is it cooling down? It’s a really good question.

As you can see by our report this month, the number of current listings on the market ...Read more

People ask us all the time,“how’s the market”? The best way to answer that question is to look at the specific area where one lives. We can watch the news and see that our state is struggling and homeowners in various parts of the country are ‘underwater’ with respect to their home values. The ...Read more

This week's "Best of Tour" is a fantastic house at 240 C Street in San Rafael. Built in 1925, this darling house has a great layout for a 2 bedroom home. It retains some of its original detail and is a very charming home. It also has been updated--according to the agent and the MLS. Updates ...Read more

Days on Market v. Sale Price/List Price
sr avg price for sale v sold.jpg

August is typically a slower month for real estate activity, but this August, Gerstle Park has seen a fair amount of market activity. During the first few weeks of the month, there have been two new recorded sales ...Read more