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San Francisco has long been a great place for food lovers. Eating local, organic and fresh is easy. We have great produce in stores, wonderful farmers markets and plenty of other options for eating local and fresh--grow your own, get a box delivered ...Read more

Are you ready to be a buyer in San Francisco? Here are 5 things to consider as you start the buying process:

1. Be Pre-Approved Getting pre-approved before you start searching for your new home is critical. It will be a guide to help you determine the kind and price of ...Read more

For the past month, more than half of the announced sales have at the Zephyr office meeting have sold with multiple offers over asking. Some have sold near their asking price. Some have sold for $50,000 over. Or $150,000 over. One for $400,000 over its $2.3 million asking price. What is ...Read more

The fees for FHA loans will change this spring. This was announced several months ago, but here's a great New York Times article with details.

For those ...Read more

2425 23rd Street
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Once again, we are at that cycle in the San Francisco Real Estate market that arrives every January. Buyer demand is high, and inventory is very low. I visited a few open houses on Sunday, and all were packed. The first, a single ...Read more

The following blog entry is written by guest author, Rachel Bernstein of the Baker Loan Team of Guarantee Mortgage:

On April 1, 2012, a guarantee fee will be added to all new residential loans backed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal ...Read more

The Rush
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Here is a picture of the crowd heading in to see the house at 285 Richland Ave in San Francisco this morning for a brief (and probably only) showing of this house. Why? This 1000 square foot home, which is now bank ...Read more

There have been recent proposals to eliminate the Federal income tax deduction for mortgage interest paid and to eliminate the government's role in ...Read more

Here is a guest authored article, by Ken Moll of GGB Capital . Ken specializes in Seller Financing. Is it right for you to consider when you are selling your home? Possibly. Read on.

In today’s tough, tough market for sellers and buyers alike, ...Read more