Here is a response to one of our posts about Foreclosures in our blog, from Ken Moll, President of GGB Capital LLC , here in San Francisco. A bit too long for our comment section, so we're publishing this as a guest post::

"Now three ...Read more

In the past week, several major banks have announced that they will stop the foreclosure process until they have more time to evaluate the process and be sure that there ...Read more

A guest blog entry from Donna Aldrich , a mortgage broker:

HVCC the ‘Home Valuation Code of Conduct’ went into effect May 1st of this year and was purportedly passed to protect the consumer. HVCC has created intermediary ...Read more

I heard an interesting statistic the other day: Only twenty percent of all short sales that have been approved by the banks ever closes escrow.

Let me start at the beginning. A short sale refers to a home or condo that is being sold, where the purchase price being paid by the Buyer ( ...Read more

On Friday, I received an alert from the California Association of Realtors indicating that the revisions proposed to truth in lending laws, also known as Reg. Z will be going into effect on July 30th. These rules have required that lenders disclose to buyers within a few days of application, ...Read more

I first used a mortgage broker when I purchased my second condo in the early 1990s. I was living in Boston, travelling several days each week, and impulsively decided to buy a new condo down the street from my current home. I used my friend’s mortgage broker, and it was an amazing ...Read more

by Donna Aldrich, Certified Mortgage Planner, Special to

1 December 2008

To quote an old song, ‘what a long strange ride it’s been,’ and the ride continues. Today, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) declared that we have been in a recession ...Read more

There has been increased focus during the last few weeks on how comapnies and individuals get loans--from the availability of money to the increased standards applied to individuals who apply for all types of loans, including mortgages.

My friend Maria Marriott, a certified mortgage ...Read more

President Bush signed the bill yesterday designed to secure FannieMae and FreddieMac, the two mortgage giants who have been instrumental in packaging and guaranteeing loans so that they can be sold on the secondary market. The bill will allow several hundred thousand homeowners to refinance ...Read more