Hundreds of San Francisco residents attended a recent hearing at city hall to oppose the plan designed to add parking meters to several San Francisco neighborhoods, including Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, the Mission and Mission Bay. This is not isolated--the Municipal Transportation Authority has ...Read more

I read a great article in this past Sunday's New York Times, " Paved, But Still Alive. " This article looks at our values towards ...Read more

Parking Meter in the Mission 2011-04-04.jpg

San Francisco announces a plan to implement variable rate pricing using its new, high tech parking meters. The idea is to vary the rates of parking meters so that prices are high enough at all ...Read more

It has been interesting to watch the public discourse about San Francisco's parking meters, use of parking spots, congestion and MUNI over the last few years. It has been difficult for some developers to get approved plans for a 1:1 ratio of housing units to cars. More parking meters are being ...Read more