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Once again, we are at that cycle in the San Francisco Real Estate market that arrives every January. Buyer demand is high, and inventory is very low. I visited a few open houses on Sunday, and all were packed. The first, a single ...Read more

It seems like almost every day we are bombarded by reports of the crisis in the housing market, the impending recession, and other forms of doom and gloom. I often wonder how much of this we create by putting our attention on how bad things are when they really aren't.

This morning's ...Read more

4 January 2007

Happy New Year!

In today's San Francisco Chronicle Business Section, an article by Kathleen Pender ...Read more

I had a conversation with a prospect recently who said, "I am in no rush to buy a home. I'll just wait for prices to drop." And it's true. Many San Francisco buyers are in no rush to buy a home because they benefit from San Francisco's rent control laws which subsidize many long term renters ...Read more