Russian Hill

Reverse graffitti is starting to be more prevalent in San Francisco in two forms: advertising and art. It is created by washing away the dirt and grime of city life to leave an image in the negative, or reverse. I first noticed ads stenciled onto the sidewalks downtown. Watch this video from ...Read more

Recent market activity in Telegraph Hill shows signs that the market for condos is showing signs of recovery. Although the market for condos in some of San Francisco's finest neighborhoods (including Russian Hill, North Beach, North Waterfront and Telegraph Hill) is down 16% in the last few ...Read more

A few months ago, I created a blog entry about Russian Hill's Magic Corner, the intersection of Hyde and Green Streets. I talked about the awesome sights I have seen there...a few years ago, at the height of a heat wave (it was still very warm at 9PM) when I drove by Frascati and saw dinners, ...Read more