San Francisco Real Estate Market

Private Shuttle Busses in SF
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The bidding in San Francisco continues at a furious pace.

Buyers flock to the few nice properties available for sale in the city, and many have written offers well above the asking price--10%, 20% and higher ...Read more

Here is a response to one of our posts about Foreclosures in our blog, from Ken Moll, President of GGB Capital LLC , here in San Francisco. A bit too long for our comment section, so we're publishing this as a guest post::

"Now three ...Read more

I was surprised driving by the new condos being built on the corner of Mission and Cesar Chavez. The construction of these condos seems to be progressing quickly after a lot of controversy about the use of this site. Neighborhood housing activists were trying to ...Read more


I have always had a difficult time understanding certain cycles in the San Francisco real estate market. In many markets across the U.S. the market is strongest in the spring and summer as families who are moving want to get their kids settled in a new home or community before the ...Read more

I heard an interesting statistic the other day: Only twenty percent of all short sales that have been approved by the banks ever closes escrow.

Let me start at the beginning. A short sale refers to a home or condo that is being sold, where the purchase price being paid by the Buyer ( ...Read more

It started last summer during the slump in summer line-up (real estate, that is, not TV). I went on a series of listing appointments--to the homes of friends, clients, friends of clients and homeowners who found me through the internet. The theme of these meetings were mostly the same. The ...Read more

Back in late October, I saw two fabulous new listings--both listed for $2,875,000. In the morning, I saw a great condo at 1440 Kearny Street in Telegraph Hill. The views from this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom condo are amazing, with immediate views of the financial district and the Transamerica ...Read more

A column by Ken Harney in yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle Real Estate section show that most real estate markets in the country have a net cumulative value growth over the past 60 ...Read more

For the last two months, as the stock market has been sliding, it seems as if the number of buyers in San Francisco has been slowly dropping off as well. We have always had a way of measuring supply—the number of listings in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). But we have never had a way of ...Read more

According to the San Francisco Business Times, Zip Realty has announced that they will no longer provide rebates to buyers. The ...Read more