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San Francisco is comprised of many eclectic and fascinating neighborhoods, each with their own flair and sense of enjoyment. As you begin to explore these areas, you get a feeling of what each neighborhood is like -- at least as a visitor. But what would it be like to actually live there, be a ...Read more

San Francisco's Planning Department is working to enact bird-safe standards by encouraging changes to the design of new buildings. Birds collide with large glass towers at alarming rates because they perceive these structures to be ...Read more

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I recently completed my first open water swim. That is, the first open water, out of cove swim, meaning my first swim outside of the safety of San Francisco's Aquatic Park. The swim was about a mile, from Gas House cove, the area ...Read more

I was listening to the news last week with half an ear, only to hear about changing census numbers from last year to the previous census in 2000. The result? The number of children, defined as kids from 0 to 17 years has declined in the last ten years in San Francisco. I have been trolling the ...Read more

Wow, check out this amazing tour of San Francisco. It is the brilliant work of Scott Weaver who spent countless hours building this amazing kinetic sculpture.

I love hearing the laughter and delight of the audience. I found this amazing video online.

...Read more

San Francisco's Planning Commission approved the development plan for Treasure Island. This plan, expected to cost $1.5 billion will create housing, office space and new jobs on Treasure Island, the man- ...Read more

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San Francisco announces a plan to implement variable rate pricing using its new, high tech parking meters. The idea is to vary the rates of parking meters so that prices are high enough at all ...Read more

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There has been significant fanfare recently about the opening of the new terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). I was invited to a party thrown by Virgin American who will be located in that terminal. This amused be because I ...Read more

What’s all the hype about the STAR testing? Is it in Marin or just San Francisco? What does it measure? Should my child prepare for it? These are a few questions we get asked, especially this time of year with the tests around the corner, and with people exploring whether or not to move. So, I ...Read more

I took a break on Tuesday from Brokers' Tour, and found myself on Clement Street. A quick lunch at Burma Super Star , one of my favorite restaurants in the city (although I don't get there very often any more) and a quick trip through ...Read more