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The San Francisco Food Bank's third annual Hunger Challenge kicked off yesterday with several participants who have agreed to spend one week eating on just $4 per day. The Hunger Challenge allows its participants to eat for one day or a whole week on $4/day to experience what it is like to have ...Read more

Every year, parents of kids entering the San Francisco schools (as new students or transitioning between elementary, middle and high school) anxiously await the results of the school lottery.

I had coffee a few weeks ago with ...Read more

When I first started swimming in the SF Bay a few years ago, I thought it was thrilling on those rare occasions when I was joined by a seal or one of San Francisco's famous sea lions.

Then, along came the rogue seal who bit several people one day. And then a few ...Read more

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted yesterday in favor of legislation designed to protect tenants from being evicted in case a property owner loses the property through foreclosure. The intent makes sense--why should a tenant face huge disruption to their lives because of the mis- ...Read more

So, you are ready to list your home, and you have decided with your agent that you are better off moving out, painting and making minor repairs before putting your home on the market. I learned of a great new service for people on the move ...Read more

Two ideas for revitalizing Market Street have been bouncing around for quite some time: the first goes into effect today, the second is a ballot proposal. Starting today, eastbound vehicles driving on Market Street towards the Embarcadero will be encouraged to turn right on 10th Street. If they ...Read more

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I often find myself irritated when I drive through Russian Hill and find myself caught in the web of traffic, tourist traffic, waiting for their 3 minute drive down Lombard Street. I smile and think about how Vermont Street is ...Read more

The short block of Mason Street between Columbus and Lombard was closed a few weeks ago. At first, I thought this was part of the city's plan to make urban parks (like the one in the Castro at 17th Street). I realized that it is part of the renovation of the North Beach branch ...Read more

San Francisco's Hula School, Na Lei Hulu | Ka Wekiu , is doing a series of performances throughout the city today (August 15th 2009) in an event known as Hit and Run Hula . The school, dedicated to the preservation of Hawaiian culture ...Read more