We are often asked by clients if they should remodel their homes. The answer, of course: it depends! Is your objective to quickly increase the value of your home? Is your objective to make living in your home more enjoyable for your long term use? Will your remodeling project add to the size of ...Read more

Anyone selling or buying a home/property in the state of California needs a geological report!

According to the California Civil Code 1102.6, sellers of most residential property are required to provide prospective buyers with what is commonly known in the real estate community ...Read more

When buying residential real estate, you often hear the words: “location, location, location”. This is never truer than today. In Mill Valley for example – a nice community just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can see a variety of neighborhoods and also see a variety of sales prices for ...Read more

People ask us all the time,“how’s the market”? The best way to answer that question is to look at the specific area where one lives. We can watch the news and see that our state is struggling and homeowners in various parts of the country are ‘underwater’ with respect to their home values. The ...Read more

Summer has arrived and the farmer’s market is in full swing: active and lively. Real estate seems to be buzzing along too. There have been the usual higher number of listings come onto the market in the Gerstle Park neighborhood--as you drive around you can see the signs indicating that number ...Read more

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After many years of selling homes in Marin County, Zephyr Real Estate has (finally) openned their first office in Marin County, located at 201 Corte Madera Ave in Corte Madera, near Larkspur.

There have been a few Zephyr agents who have been ...Read more

Here is a guest authored article, by Ken Moll of GGB Capital . Ken specializes in Seller Financing. Is it right for you to consider when you are selling your home? Possibly. Read on.

In today’s tough, tough market for sellers and buyers alike, ...Read more

Here is a response to one of our posts about Foreclosures in our blog, from Ken Moll, President of GGB Capital LLC , here in San Francisco. A bit too long for our comment section, so we're publishing this as a guest post::

"Now three ...Read more

"Their knowledge of the market, the neighborhoods, the process and their commitment to finding me a home was unbelievable."

"My story starts in the spring of 2006 when I relocated to San Francisco. Stacey & Jane came to my rescue. I needed to find someone who not only "got me" but could work with my relo team to find a new home...they could do that & then some. I ended up with a beautiful home & a very ... Read more

Laura Kirkpatrick

"They actually got us top dollar in a very challenging market."

"Working with Stacey and Jane was such an amazing gift during such a hectic time in our lives! My wife and I were transferred to the East Coast just after we got married. We were incredibly stressed with all that we needed to do to move our lives and our careers to a new City. Our designated ... Read more

Michael and Suzanne Haskell