We're often asked by our clients, "How much should we offer?" This is an excellent question. The answer is not straight-forward, especially in a market like ours.

Pricing, in the late 1990s through the mid 2000s was a bit of a no-brainer. Most agents advised their sellers to price homes ...Read more

During the last 6 months, six condos have sold in North Beach, for an average price of $805,000. The average days on market is 42 (a statistic that includes the marketing period, and the number of days this property was in contract before the buyer lifts their inspection and financing ...Read more

Two new condos are active in North Beach.The first, 444 Francisco, #201 is a 1 bedroom condo, weighing in at just over 600 sq feet (611 per tax records).Its marketing touts that it is a sunny, south facing unit—which in this building means that it faces the street.This block of Francisco Street ...Read more

This morning, I was touring Zephyr's new listings. I was driving to see a great condo in a great location close to cafes, restaurants and shops. Easy access to the freeway, close to many different forms of public transportation. Hmm, nice block with a nice mix of architectural styles ...Read more

Searching through my desk, I found a copy of an article entitled, Here are the Buyers, Where are the NICE Homes? Today's environment feels very similar to that of March 2007: "I have several buyers wondering why there is no inventory that fits their criteria. They aren't being picky. Many of ...Read more

Last year, Congress enacted legislation called the Home Valuation Code of Contact designed to create distance between appraisers and lenders. New companies emerged as intermediaries between lenders and appraisers, called Appraisal Management ...Read more


I have always had a difficult time understanding certain cycles in the San Francisco real estate market. In many markets across the U.S. the market is strongest in the spring and summer as families who are moving want to get their kids settled in a new home or community before the ...Read more

So, you are ready to list your home, and you have decided with your agent that you are better off moving out, painting and making minor repairs before putting your home on the market. I learned of a great new service for people on the move ...Read more

We've been blanketed in fog for several weeks now, and memories of summer are long forgotten. I always enjoy Tuesdays--for Brokers Tour and seeing lots of great properties and for the wonderful opportunity to drive around the city during tour. This morning in Telegraph Hill and North Beach it ...Read more

On Friday, I received an alert from the California Association of Realtors indicating that the revisions proposed to truth in lending laws, also known as Reg. Z will be going into effect on July 30th. These rules have required that lenders disclose to buyers within a few days of application, ...Read more